How a Fisheries Biologist and Game Warden is changing the way we fish with bait FOREVER.

When water soluble pod technology collides with a scientific approach to fish attractant.


One of America’s most popular past times is without a doubt fishing. Sitting back in a chair and waiting for a bite has never been more popular according to the 2016 U.S. Fish and Wildlife census, with over 36 million anglers in the US alone! However, today’s society is busier than ever and despite increasing angler numbers, the number of days spent fishing per angler is decreasing. This means that more people than ever want to go fishing but have less time to actually fish.


That’s where Fisheries Biologist and Game Warden Grant Pearce of Pearce Outdoors LLC comes in. Pearce’s revolutionary and patent pending product ChumPODS is spearheading a way for fishermen to maximize their time on the bank that ultimately leads to more bites, and more fish caught.


ChumPODS are exactly what they sound like, except I wouldn’t put them in your laundry. “My wife has already let me know the fish smell coming from our garage is too much. The attractors in these things are potent – but that’s why they work.”


Pearce has developed a pre-formed and ready to use water soluble pod full of a micro pellet fish attractant. To use them, you simply hook an edge of the ChumPOD on to your hook and cast it out. As it sinks, the pod starts to release its attractant until your hook is on the bottom, where the film of the pod finishes dissolving completely. This leaves your baited hook right next to or on top of a small pile of extremely attractive fish food. The micro pellets used in ChumPODS are of the same base formula that many hatcheries use to feed the fish that get stocked into lakes near you.


Differing from the base formula, Pearce says that they have added as many of the attractive ingredients into the micro pellets that they could fit, and increased the breakdown time to maximize leakage so that when fish come seeking out the ChumPOD attractors, the most obvious thing for them to eat is your baited hook. “We took only the important fish attracting ingredients from hatchery food, supercharged them, and made them into tiny pellets the diameter of the lead in your pencil. This lets us cram hundreds of these into a pod that almost any rod can cast.”


Pearce likes to call it “Precision Chumming” because all of the attractiveness leads directly to your hook. “When you fish normally, a fish finding your baited hook is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fishing with the addition of a ChumPOD is significantly increasing the profile of attractors where your hook is.” In other words – fish hone into exactly where you are fishing.


Pearce put the power of ChumPODS into perspective “Imagine your normally baited hook is the flashlight on your phone on a pitch-black night in the woods. It helps you see, but it’s nothing special. Now add a ChumPOD to your hook and it’s like using a gigantic floodlight in comparison. There’s so much extra attraction going on that it makes your bait presentation stand out.  It’s a real game changer that people will be able to use to help them catch fish within their busy schedules. Plus, they’re 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.”


All of this sounds great, but is it even legal? “The great thing about ChumPODS is that even states that don’t allow free chumming say that anything attached to your hook is not considered chumming. This makes ChumPODS legal pretty much everywhere because this hasn’t been done before. However, at the same time please check your local regulations to make sure they are legal in your area before using them. As a Game Warden, I’m not here to get anyone in trouble. I just want to help people catch more fish.”