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Huge clearance sale!! Making room for a new and improved version of ChumPODS coming Spring 2021! 

Price lowered to $9.99 for the first generation product, and If you buy 6, you'll get 6 free!  (Add 12 to your cart for discount to take effect)


Specifically designed to help get you more bites during your limited time to fish!

Founded by a Fisheries Biologist and Game Warden, ChumPODS are a revolutionary and patent-pending combination of water-soluble pods and an exclusive granular fish attractant that was inspired by decades of aquaculture feed experience with an emphasis on getting even the most finicky of fish to eat. Easy to use; just hook an edge, cast and let the powerful raw attractors of ChumPODS get you more bites and help you catch more fish. Make your bait presentation stand out with ChumPODS.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Instant and long lasting attraction
  • Multi-species fishmeal based attractant designed to work with your favorite bait
  • Attaches directly to your hook - No mess
  • Dissolves in all water temperatures
  • 20 ChumPODS per package so you can fish all day 
  • Each ChumPOD weighs approximately .46 oz
  • Proudly made in America

Stop going home without any bites and elevate into the 10% group of fishermen that catch 90% of the fish. Fishing with bait will never be the same. 

Who it's for:

Anyone that wants to maximize their time fishing. Only have a couple hours to fish? Aside from making sure you're in the right location, ChumPODS does everything else possible to bring fish to your hookbait as quickly as possible.

Trying to catch your first fish? Need that extra advantage to out fish your buddy? Or just looking to put more fish on the bank? 

This is for you.

What will they help you catch:

Because the attractant is fishmeal based, it attracts most species of fish. However, testing has shown that ChumPODS are most effective on fish like Channel Catfish, Carp, Bluegills, Panfish, Trout, etc that would normally be targeted with a "sit and wait" type of approach.  Drowning worms or soaking corn has never been more effective.

Where to use:

Relatively shallow water. This version of ChumPODS may dissolve before your hook can get to the bottom in deeper water.

If you're fishing from the bank, this is exactly what you need.

How to use:

It's easy - just hook a ChumPOD on to your favorite rig and cast out. With a little bit of weight, the whole setup will sink to the bottom and your hook and bait will be sitting on top of a nice pile of insanely attractive pellets. The pellets will slowly dissolve to a powder, constantly releasing scent and attractive enzyme food signals. This attracts fish, and they hone into where your hook is.

Why you should't buy it:

You're fishing deep water and for species that are very visual feeders with lures. While ChumPODS can help attract fish like shad for bait (or a cast net), they were not designed for fish that normally feed in the middle of the water column and are predominantly visual feeders.